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Toby Blackwell, Allstate Agent
Telesales, Inc’s calling stirs the water for us, making our clients think of us and our office. This is a positive asset. Our sales arenot what they should be when Telesales, Inc is not calling. You (Telesales, Inc ) can say with confidence you know what you are doing.  You have been around and you have confident people.

The benefit to us, Toby Blackwell & Associates, Inc, an Allstate Insurance Agent, is that we get what we pay for. We have to reach certain sales levels by the end of the year. We have to invest in the company to get the ‘right’ results.  If we keep going in the direction we are right now, we will reach levels we have never reached before.

George Niblack, Allstate Agent
Telesales, Inc takes the time we don’t always have to contact the customers and schedule time we need to review their policies. Working with Telesales, Inc makes us not only more profitable from the cross sales, endorsements and referrals, but also strengthens our relationship with our clients.

Darrin Cohen, The Mony Group
I would like to inform you of my extremely high level of satisfaction with you and your company’s level of service and results. This is of even greater significance because I have used several telemarketing services before and have never come even close to being moderately happy with their level of effort or results.

Specifically, we initiated a trial program in July to contact Human Resource Directors of many sized companies about offering financial seminars to their employees. While this began as a test run to determine future efforts, it quickly turned into a very successful program. Our specific and general goals were met very quickly and surpassed with ease. We have since decided to continue our telemarketing efforts on an on-going basis. In fact, we added two new programs to our marketing after seeing how strong your employees skills are.

Kendall Borchardt, Senior Consultant, GE Wealth Management Solutions
Thank you for a job well done! I was referred to you in October and began my program in November. The implementation stage was quick and well organized. You made it easy for me to get started.

..I am very pleased with the results. My idea was to jump start the New Year with more leads than normal and that is exactly what happened. I have been very busy since this program started following up on all of my new leads…I intend to utilize your services every six months keep the momentum going. Again, thank you for an outstanding program.

Jim Moore, VP of Sales, N.A. Technologies
We received the 1999 state contract in Georgia to market Compaq computer Alpha Systems. At the time, we had no database and no systematic approach for targeting and penetrating the state and local government markets.

Your staff was able to handle all aspects of the project including building and managing the database, pre-qualifying the purchasing agents statewide and setting the appointments with a majority of the state and local purchasing agents. Of all our sales channels, you were the only ones who were able to get us into the State Lottery office. A real coup for us.

I have learned a lot about the value of this marketing approach and am going to continue to apply it aggressively.

Lisa Zaken, VP of Member Services, Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce
Over two years ago, The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce commissioned TeleSales, Inc to implement our Membership Retention Program. Each month inactive members are contacted to discuss their membership inactivity and encouraged to get re-involved with our Chamber.

Telesales, Inc has a team approach that we find easy to work with. They meet our tight deadlines with little effort. The program was customized easily and we have had no problem ’tweaking’ programs to meet our specific needs. We have no concerns using TeleSales, Inc to contact our membership and highly recommend their direct marketing services to other organizations that need to be in touch with their membership or clients.

Thank you for a consistent job, well done!

Paul Hatch, President, Payroll Professionals
I wanted to let you know, we have found your company’s Business to Business Marketing to be a very productive outsourced support to our sales initiative. We are growing our existing database, pre-qualifying the contacts and have developed a longterm approach to ensure a maximum result from this year’s long effort. So far we have received a total of 364 leads from your telemarketing programs. Many of these leads had immediate needs, other’s needs are longterm. On average, we are closing 70% of the appointments set.

We are hitting the market hard and will continue to do so. We appreciate your management of the telemarketing program, your staff’s professional approach to our prospects, and your flexibility in working with us as we adjust our infrastructure to accommodate these new accounts.

John Bianchini, Sales Representative, Brandon’s Printing
I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the lead generation program I instituted in August…I would have been pleased with results that produced a 3 to 6 month payback on the program’s initial investment, however, I am pleased to report that onenew account from your program will pay for all costs involved 10 times in a calendar year!

In just over 6 weeks, your staff produced over 70 quality leads.. Your company tackled the hardest and most time consuming aspect of my profession…cold calling! The service your company provided not only generated new accounts, but also allowed me to do what I consider most important…spend more time with current clients.

I congratulate you and your company on a job well done!